Jump Into Journaling: a Workshop Series for Teens & Adults

Saturday, June 2412:00—3:00 PMLocal History RoomHamilton-Wenham Public Library14 Union Street, South Hamilton, MA, 01982

Journal workshop led by Nora Sullivan Horner:  Hey! My name is Nora (she/her) and I'm thrilled to be leading this summer journaling workshop! This practice is one of the most important to me; I've been writing for around eight years and over that time, I've learned a thing or two I'd love to share with you. I'm also a rising senior at Bowdoin College majoring in Government and Legal Studies, specializing in International Relations, so if anyone has questions about Bowdoin life, applying to college, or majoring in Political Science, I'm happy to answer them. Whether you're curious or excited, I look forward to meeting you!

This workshop is for all experience levels from newcomers -to- people who want to add something new to and/or change up their journaling practice. Open to teens entering grades 6 to 12 in Fall 2023 and to adults. (If warranted the group may split into two sessions - one for teens only, and one for adults only.)

There will be some structured time around 30-40 minutes at the beginning of each meeting where Nora will offer guidance on keeping a journal, give writing prompts, and/or present strategies and tips for journaling--starting off with busting journaling myths and roadblocks!  Other topics of interest that may be covered are: journaling's evolution over time, variety across cultures, relationship to history and literature, journaling in the digital age, bullet journals, making your own journal, art/creative/alternative journaling (collage, poetry, letter art/calligraphy, doodles/illustrations), journaling's role in creating community, making meaning, exploring interests/spirituality, fostering healing, deepening learning/clarity of mind, and preserving memories—lots of fun stuff! This will be followed by open discussion for people who want to share and connect with one another about their experience with journaling. Followed by a period of quiet writing time. The three hours is meant as a window of time where you can come and work on a journal; drop-in and leave as it suits you.  Journaling Workshop Series Schedule
This ongoing workshop will meet 8 times as follows -- Drop-ins Welcome! : 

  •     Saturday, June 24, 12pm to 3pm
  •     Thursday, June 29, 4pm to 7pm
  •     Thursday, July 6, 4pm to 7pm
  •     Thursday, July 13, 4pm to 7pm
  •     Thursday, July 20, 4pm to 7pm
  •     Thursday, July 27, 4pm to 7pm
  •     Thursday, Aug. 3, 4pm to 7pm
  •     Thursday, Aug. 10, 4pm to 7pm

No Registration Required